Sensuva Ultra Thick Hybrid Moisturizer Unscented 1.7oz


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Sensuva Ultra Thick Hybrid Personal Moisturizer Unscented 1.7 ounces. Ideal for anyone who prefers the idea of using something gentle and soothing for delicate tissue, women going through menopause, or anyone who typically has allergies or sensitivities.

Sensuva's Ultra Thick Hybrid is the thickest hybrid formula on the market and will dramatically change a persons experience with anal penetration. This premium formula was created to stay in place, be ultra comfortable and provide a long lasting glide. This thicker formula expertly reduces any feeling of friction and protects the skin at the same time. Safe to use with latex and silicone products.
  • Weight: 0.20000 lbs
  • Feature: Water Based, Silicone Based, Glycerin Free
  • Function: Moisturizes
  • Brand: Sensuva